Hot Dishes and Brazilian sides

Hot Dishes


Traditional Brazilian stew, with black beans, diced sausages & pork meat

Moqueca de peixe

Brazilian fish stew made from white fish,
tomatoes, coriander, coconut milk & mixed peppers

Arroz Branco -V-

Plain white rice with fresh garlic and onions

Guisado de legumes -V-

Slow cooked root vegetables in a rich tomato
& fresh herbs sauce

Repolho Refogado -V-

Sautéed cabbage with garlic

Batatas Picantes -V-

Spicy potatoes cooked in a chilli marinade

Porco bravo

Spicy pork casserole, onions, chilli, paprika & carrots

Almôndegas com molho de tomate

Pork & beef meatballs in a tomato sauce

Couve-flor com molho branco -V-

Cauliflower with a creamy white sauce

Tropeiro Corner

Pão Baguette


Tortilla Chips

Corn snack

Molhos de Pimenta

Hot chilli sauce

Pão Palito

Bread sticks


Chilli, garlic and herb sauce


Mustard sauce

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