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The authentic Brazilian dining experience

At Tropeiro Brazilian restaurant, we take the simplest idea of combining wonderfully seasoned meat and flames, with skill and patience in order to capture the meat’s individual flavours.

These mouth-watering meats are cooked on an open fire and carved at the table-side. With each of the different cuts offering a unique and succulent experience, you just can’t help but indulge yourself. Each bite is a freshly carved slice of meat with sealed in juices and flavours, a transcendent experience.

Our menu offers up to twelve different cuts of meat – beef, pork, lamb, chicken and a sumptuous buffet of gourmet salads, fresh-cut vegetables and a variety of side dishes.

The Tropeiros were the first Brazilian cowboys


They lived a semi-nomadic life and their adventures produced very brave men that left deep historic tradition in the South of Brazil.

Due to the nature of their lives and work, the diet of the gauchos comprises plenty of meat, which is barbecued. Today, Tropeiro restaurants still offer a variety of delicious meat dishes in keeping with tradition. The barbecue style of meat is called churrasco. Common meats on the gaucho menu include poultry, lamb, beef and pork.

The name of our restaurant is homage to these men that were brave enough to go to far away lands, bringing the cattle that would feed the miners. In a way we feel the same, as we have come far away from our home in Brazil to bring the Brazilian churrasco (Brazilian barbecue) to you.

We invite you to enjoy the finest meats along with our gourmet salad bar, Brazilian side dishes and our excellent wine list.

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What Clients Say

  • My friend recommended that we should book and be prepared for a feast!! Booked for my son’s birthday treat – and it went down a treat too!! Its a great idea – you can eat and eat and eat… Oscar83, tripadvisor
  • Couldn’t fault this place. The food is fantastic and plentiful. The staff are absolutely charming. I think the drinks are a little expensive, but that is really par for the course with most restaurants. Strongly recommended. This is a “stand out” place in Chester! Stella22, tripadvisor
  • I have been to the Tropeiro 3 times and the food is always excellent, the staff are very friendly and go out of their way to make your evening. The concept is all the vegetables and salad are laid out and you help yourself…the Gauchos come round with the meat on spikes and give you a small amount and there… 33Elaine33, tripadvisor
  • I have never been to a Brazilian steakhouse before so did not know what to expect.I walked in it was very clean staff were very friendly.If u have never been to a place like that before its well worth a visit. dannybuck, tripadvisor

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